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TELE-DATA COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC. is on call 7 days a week, 24 hours
a day, 365 days a year. Service Calls are handled on a geographic basis with Technicians dispatched via digital read out pagers and/or cellular services. This arrangement allows us to guarantee these response times:
      - Complete System Failure = 1 Hour
      - Functional Complications = 4 Hours
      - Minor Repair = 24 Hours

Each clearly marked Service Van acts as a "mini-warehouse", stocking ample
equipment and supplies to handle minor to major emergencies.

Staff Technicians are factory trained and collectively hold 72 product certifications.
Easily recognized at the job site by uniforms, than are frequently requested by name.
Acknowledged by our suppliers as competent and reliable, our Service Technicians are repeatedly asked to choose and evaluate BETA test sites for new product introductions or field upgrades to existing equipment.

TELE-DATA COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INe. maintains a complete inventory of
maintenance stock ($885,000.00). This reduces system down time or station replacement time due to shipping or back order status. Over 90% of all service orders are completed within one business day from when they are reported.

You are billed for each regular service call at $65.00 per man hour (one hour minimum) and for material/parts used. You will be billed for travel if your location is more than 40 miles or more from our office. You are billed a rate of$97.50 per man hour (one hour minimum) and for material/parts used if job site is one (1) hour or more away from our office. Remote programming from our office is billed at $45.00 per hour (one hour minimum).

Accessing a system remotely allows our technicians to diagnose a problem before
traveling to ajob site. Minor changes, programming and some other minor repair
can be completed remotely saving time and expense involved on site visits.
Necessary site time and related charges are reduced because the Technician is
prepared with the appropriate tools and equipment. Traffic, accounting and usage
analysis reports are also available remotely, at your request. Our staff can review
this information and present cost effective network management recommendations
on a regularly scheduled basis.

TELE-DATA COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC. maintains an in-house repair
department capable of board level repairs on most telephone and computer equipment.
Parts can be dropped off, shipped or picked up at the job site. Turn around time and
ancillary expense is reduced and used or refurbished equipment opportunities are often available.


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